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as someone said in a comment section 'i took this interview seriously until the hot naked girl came out to pour water?'


Newport Street Gallery



I never know what to think when it comes to Jeff Koons, 'overrated' that is the first word which comes to my mind and after that 'annoying' but I would't say he is a bad artist. 

Exhibition was fun (but to be very honest I was more excited about Newport Street Gallery interiors than Koons's art pieces). It is interesting how he made inflatable pool toys using stainless steel, at the beginning I thought they were made of a vinyl. Reading a leaflet which explained most of his works was very helpful and made me appreciate his ideas more.

In the Gallery Room 3 (no photos allowed) were hanging explicit pictures ('Made in Heaven') of him and Ilona Staller (aka 'La Cicciolina')  his then wife, in a variety of erotic scenes in theatrical settings. Leaflet says that Koon's aim was to remove the stigma of shame and guilt from sexuality. I am not sure if he achieved what he wanted to, maybe the way he presented his piece and the fact that Illona Staller was known as a soft-porn star didn't help. Also he created this series at the turn of the eighties. I think displaced ownership of female sexuality and all the stigma surrounding it was alive then and is still alive now. To me sexuality is extremely interesting, there is so much more to learn and so much more to improve within our society but also a lot of work have been done. Being fascinated with this issue led me to fashion design course. 

In conclusion, I have no deep feelings for Jeff Koons's art but I am glad I discovered this gallery as it looks promising in terms of future events.



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